Leanne Moyer

Mindset Coach

I help female entrepreneurs bust through their mindset blocks

using simple daily tools to help them get past their own

barriers and achieve success like never before!

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Learn & stay committed to simple daily practices that will help you Master your Mind and Live the Life of your Dreams!

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You’ve landed here because you want ‘that’ life…

Have you been dreaming of a life of freedom, joy & adventure and a business that is wildly successful? Do you have big plans for the future but are having a hard time reaching your goals and dreams on your own? Do you want to build your dream home or travel the world with your loved ones? Do you want to help others and make a big difference in this world?  

I am so excited that you landed in my life!! I believe that we were brought together for a reason. I can’t wait to help you bust through the mindset blocks and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and watch your life and business turn into something greater than you have even imagined!!!


I invite you to shift from the problem to the solution…

I have discovered a combination of simple daily practices that have transformed my mind, my life and my business!

With a little bit of dedication you can transform yours too. I’m here to help!!


Wishing you Love, Joy, Freedom, Adventure & Abundance

Leanne Moyer